Ollin So Hard

Hai. I'm Oliver. I'm a blue Chinese Shar Pei. I live in a killer pad, with some pretty cool humans. Follow me on my adventures.

My humans shame me…Do you see what I have to put up with?! 

I ran away from my Mom on Saturday night down the hallway of the apartment building. I was trying to make my grand escape because I heard a party going on and I wanted to go.

So this new Panda was born, Xiao Liwu…Or I guess you could call it my brother from another mother (ok, species) in my homeland China. I’m not even gonna take a poll of who’s cuter.

(Spoiler alert: I’d win hands down)

#panda #sharpei #cute


Oh, Hambone in a Cone


Poor Hambone…He wears the cone of shame!

How I feel when my people leave me out of my cage to prowl the house for the day. #sharpei #puppy #freedom